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That the Council of the Rural Municipality of Rosthern No. 403 will be appointing members-at-large to the following boards and committees for the 2017 year. Anyone with interest in becoming a representative for the R.M of Rosthern No. 403 to any of these boards or committees, or would like information on these committees please contact the RM office. 

Hague, Rosthern and Laird Recreation Board – 1 appointment required 

Rosthern Library Board – 2 appointments required 

Hague Library Board – 1 appointment required 

Valley Regional Park – 3 appointments required 

Sask Valley Board of Revision – 2 appointments required 

District Development Appeals Board – 1 appointment required 

The deadline to submit your application is December 5th 2016.

Application Form


Application forms now available for Spring 2017 Shelterbelt Trees


Council Indemnity will be discussed at the next Council meeting on December 6, 2016.


Pushing snow across the road is against the R.M. of Rosthern No. 403 Bylaw No. 2.2014 Sec. 4.
This is closely monitored by our bylaw officer.


can be made online through Affinity, Telpay or Bank of Montreal (Utility Only).
Our office only accepts cash or cheque.

Telpay Biller Codes:
R.M. of Rosthern - 0084941
Sask. Valley Rural Water Utility - 0074607
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