The Rural Municipality of Rosthern #403 was founded in 1912 by the Province of Saskatchewan. The first meeting of the Council was held in January of 1913.

The Council consists of seven Councillors and a Reeve. Councillors for Divisions 1, 3, 5 & 7 are elected with the Reeve in even number years with Divisions 2, 4 & 6 in odd numbered years. Councillors & Reeve will serve a four year term commencing after the annual election.


Roger Kinzel (306-225-5710)

Council Members

Division #1 Rick Pochipinski (306-232-3282)
Division #2 (including the Organized Hamlet of Blumenthal) Larry Fehr (306-229-3633)
Division #3 Glenn Braun (306-227-7109)
Division #4 Leo Perrin (306-232-7013)
Division #5 Chad Krikau (306-232-2206)
Division #6  Charles Krikau (306-945-2091)
Division #7 (for the Organized Hamlet of Neuanlage) Tom Madden (306-290-4635)


Amanda McCormick

 Office Assistants

Kerri Fahl
Cathy Lehmann (casual)

 Outside Foreman

Colby Robin

Population - 2300 (2016 Census)

       Stats Canada Census Profile for the R.M. of Rosthern No. 403


About the R.M. of Rosthern

The Rural Municipality of Rosthern No. 403 is situated between the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers.

Primarily a mixed farming area that is a prime growing area for cereal and oil seed production as well as livestock.

The population in the Municipality has a majority of the citizens living in the southern portion due to its proximity to Saskatoon.

Neuanlage, Blumenthal, Gruenthal and Carlton are hamlets within the Municipality. The Towns of Rosthern and Hague, which have their own administration, are also located in the Municipality.

The Municipality provides library, fire fighting and recreation facilities through agreements with Hague, Rosthern and Laird.

The Town of Rosthern has a new swimming pool, artificial ice skating and curling rink, library, fire department, hospital, medical clinic, ambulance service, R.C.M.P., banking and retail outlets and new PreK-12 school.

The Town of Hague has artificial ice skating and curling rink, library, fire department, medical clinic, banking and retail outlets, and K-12 schools.

The Village of Laird has a fire department, skating and curling rink, some retail outlets and a K-8 school.

Also located in the Municipality is the Valley Regional Park with a beautiful 18 hole golf course, extensive playground and R.V. Site. The Seager Wheeler Farm National Historic Site has preserved the homestead of the five time World Wheat Growing Champion, Dr. Seager Wheeler at its site east of Rosthern on Highway #312.

Petite Ville, the Métis settlement known as the First Batoche is also located just south of Highway #312 east of Rosthern. Batoche, Fort Carlton and Duck Lake, known for the Riel Rebellion are located within a few minutes drive of the Municipality making our area rich in history.