****  Emergency After Hours ****

**** Please call the water utility operator Bruce Peters 306-230-9468 ****


On the agenda will be a proposed New Subscriber Agreement.

To view the agreement, click here,

March 26, 2024 @ 7:30 pm

Neuanlage Community Hall


Effective January 15, 2024, the SVWRU water rate will increase to $6.60 per cubic meter from $5.50 per cubic meter. The increase will be reflected on your February 2024 billing.

This increase follows the 2024 rate increase from SaskWater. 

   SVWU Online Banking Options

The following banks have been added to accept online payments, in addition to Affinity Credit Union and BMO:

CIBC, RBC, ScotiaBank.

** Please use your 11 digit account number, listed in the top right corner of your monthly bill.

** Search payee options for Sask Valley Water Utility, Sask Valley Rural Water Utility or SVWU. 

  ** Water Security Agency**

2023 Annual Drinking Water Quality and Compliance Report is now available.

Please click here for more information. Gruenthal Line. Neuanlage Line.