The Twin Rivers Planning District is a voluntary effort. It has been formed to assist the member municipalities with growth and development inasmuch as to sustain and retain current services and to meet the needs of the current population and economic activities. The opportunity exists to promote and address the need to continue stimulating economic development, provide guidelines to reduce conflicts between land uses, protect sensitive environmental areas, and to develop strategies to support community revitalization and population growth.

The Twin Rivers District encourages some degree of change in the rural and urban areas to manage the impacts and promote development opportunities. Guiding future population growth to support social-economic development in the District, within the Rural Municipalities, Towns and Village is needed to assure a better future for the area. A dynamic District requires a strategy to successfully promote agricultural diversification, business enterprises, job creation, and a variety of residential options and community amenities to attract new residents. The potential benefits that will accrue to the greater community include employment, tax revenue, support for local business, as well as other economic and social opportunities.

There is an opportunity to aim and plan for the best possible mix of activities, services and land uses for the greater region. Currently the members are working towards a District Plan that functions as the day-to-day management guide as well as the future long term planning. The need to develop an over-arching District Plan is fully supported by the members of the Twin Rivers Planning District. The polices in this Plan are not “static” and several key initiatives as outlined in the “Action” Plan Section are recommended to develop more comprehensive inter-municipal co-operation policies and partnerships for the Twin Rivers Planning District.



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